Voodoo in The Princess and The Frog



Dr. Facilier is the evil villain of this Disney film. Like Jafar or Captain Hook before him, The Princess and the Frog sees Dr. Facilier – aptly nicknamed “Shadow Man” – wanting to defeat the good guys and let darkness triumph. His goal is to take over New Orleans and feed the souls of its citizens to his cohorts – his “friends on the other side” (in the Voodoo religion they are known as “loa”).

We are introduced to Dr. Facilier when Prince Naveen and Lawrence meet him and have their tarot cards and palms read by him. Dr. Facilier is a bokor, a Voodoo sorcerer for hire. Bokors can practice both dark and white magic. Black magic could include the creation of zombies or “ouangas” (talismans that house spirits), both of which Dr. Facilier conjures during the film.

Throughout the movie Dr. Facilier casts spells on the other characters in the movie. Using an ouanga he turns Prince Naveen into a frog and his servant Lawrence into Prince Naveen. Dr. Facilier can alter his appearance as well, making his face look skeletal as if he were wearing a mask. As well he has total control over his shadow, manipulating it to trip people or grab things. He can often be seen surrounded by loa and Voodoo dolls, and during the scene where he dies they emerge from the ground to take the Shadow Man himself as payment when Tiana breaks the ouanga.

Dr. Facilier gets mad at Lawrence for releasing Prince Naveen. After the Doctor tries to trip him
with his shadow, Lawrence tries to smash the Voodoo talisman.