Voodoo in The Princess and The Frog


Mama Odie is a blind Voodoo priestess who lives deep in a Louisiana swamp. Mama Odie is the antithesis of Dr. Facilier’s character in every way. Although both possess Voodoo powers, Mama Odie’s practices white magic that seems to have been cultivated throughout her many years. Dr. Facilier deals in dark Voodoo magic brought about by deals with his “friends on the other side”.

In Voodoo, a high priestess – also known as a Mambo – is responsible for preserving songs and rituals of the religion. They also uphold the connection between spirits and the Voodoo community. Mama Odie’s part in The Princess and the Frog is a perfect depiction of this, singing songs and helping strangers.

Mama Odie has a pet snake named Juju, who is by her side (or around her neck!) in almost every scene. In the movie Mama Odie is constantly hollering out for Juju, getting him to help her cook gumbo and act as her walking cane. “Juju” is a Voodoo word which refers to magic being ascribed to an object and then being used as a fetish or amulet. As well, the snake is a deity in Haitian Vodou, labelled “Li Grand Zombi”.

Mama Odie sings “Dig a Little Deeper” during which she manipulates Juju (her pet snake) into different animals.
She also uses magic to to show the many possibilities that exist for Prince Naveen and Tiana.