Voodoo in The Princess and The Frog



Dr. Facilier’s final scene begins in the graveyard with Tiana – in frog form – snatching and smashing the ouanga (the Voodoo talisman) using her tongue. With that move, Dr. Facilier’s powers are gone and the loa (his “friends on the other side”) emerge from the headstones asking him “are you ready?” They float around him and Voodoo doll Zombies surface from the earth as he promises to find another way to steal the souls of New Orleans.

The loa grab Dr. Facilier’s shadow and by doing so grab him and drag him towards a giant loa. While screaming that he’ll pay them all back he is dragged into the giant loa which then turns into his tombstone. The angered “friends” have claimed Dr. Facilier himself as payment for his debts and he is taken into their world forever.


Voodoo dolls are generally not a part of the Voodoo religion. These objects derive from bokors (a Voodoo sorcerer, like Dr. Facilier), rather than Voodoo priests or priestesses. It is one of Voodoo’s greatest myths and likely arose through mass media and movies.

Zombies, on the other hand, have close ties with the Voodoo religion. Zombie tales emerged from West Africa and spoke of people being controlled by powerful sorcerers. It was said that a dead person could be revived by a bokor and remain under the control of them as they then had no will of their own.

Dr. Facilier’s final scene, where Tiana breaks the talisman and the loa come and take him to the “other side” as retribution.